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    Experts: Education should boost intl understanding
    From:ChinaDaily   |  2019-12-27 16:07

    An international way of thinking and understanding is essential to settling conflicts and achieving win-win cooperation, said Wang Guangfa, founder of the Beijing Royal Charity Foundation and chairman of the Fazheng Group, in Beijing on Thursday.

    He made the remarks at a conference that saw the release of a report, co-written by the Center for China and Globalization (CCG), Beijing Royal Charity Foundation, and the Research Institute of International Education South-South Cooperation, which focused on the domestic practice of education for international understanding.

    Advocated by UNESCO in 1946, the concept of education for international understanding mainly aims to cultivate students’ global consciousness and their ability to coexist with people from different cultural backgrounds, according to the report.

    In 2010, education for international understanding as a term first appeared in the nation’s 10-year (2010-2020) plan for educational reform and development, the report said.

    Li Qing, a researcher for CCG, said international understanding is essential to build a community for the shared future of mankind.

    However, such an educational prospective remains quite unknown and may face many problems in terms of practice.

    Gao Shuguo, a senior researcher for CCG, observed that the mainstream of overseas studies in China is to pursue a higher degree, while all-around development for better international understanding is often neglected.

    China also lacks a uniform standard of teaching when the concept is put into practice, noted Liu Ying, vice-secretary of the Beijing Royal Charity Foundation.

    Many schools boost students’ international understanding mainly through integrating such knowledge in textbooks or organize academic visits overseas, she said.

    The experts called for more public attention and more efforts from society to boost international understanding among students.