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    How new regulations of rail e-tickets affect city’s foreigners
    By:Eastday  |  From:www.atbmusic.com  |  2019-12-25 09:16

    Since November 20, an e-ticket service has covered all high speed rail and bullet train stops in the Yantze River Delta Region operated by the China Railway Shanghai Group.

    After buying an e-ticket, foreigners who have a passport can now scan it to go through all entrances in the railway station without having to get a physical ticket.

    In the past, even if buying tickets from a local railway ticket agency, which avoids standing in line and waiting in front of a manual window in the railway station, foreigners still needed to go to a window in the train station to get the physical ticket before getting on board. There were foreigner-only windows, but it was still an additional step locals didn’t have to follow.

    For Matt, who is from Australia but lives in Shanghai and travels on the train around China fours days per week, this new regulation has made a big difference to him. Other foriegners taking high speed trains have also noticed this small but time-saving change.

    (Reporters: Wu Qiong, Lu Yukun;

     Cameramen: Huang Ziling, Lu Yukun, Zheng Qian;

     Film editor: Zheng Qian)

     Cameramen: Huang Ziling, Lu Yukun, Zheng Qian

     Film Editor: Zheng Qian)

    Volker, a German, and Kari, a Finn, have also experienced the trouble of buying a physical railway ticket in China; therefore they are happy to see the implementation of the new regulations. For Jay, who is from the US but once lived in Hongkong for many years and frequently came to the mainland China, although he still needs to get the physical ticket, he can’t agree more of the new regulations. “It’s true that it’s faster to board the train and easier to book,” said Jay.