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    Weather may spoil view of eclipse
    From:Shanghai Daily  |  2019-12-26 08:29

    Amateur astronomers may be disappointed today as clouds and rain have been forecast, which will mar views of a partial solar eclipse in Shanghai.

    The eclipse is expected to be seen first over Saudi Arabia before it sweeps over India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia and ends in the West Pacific. Saudi Arabia and some central Asian countries will witness an annular solar eclipse, which forms a “ring of fire,” while China will only see a partial eclipse or the “sun bitten by moon.”

    A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the sun. In a total eclipse, the sun is fully obscured. In partial and annular eclipses, only part of the sun is covered.

    In Shanghai, the phenomenon will be visible between 12:52pm and 3:17pm. The moon will take its largest nibble out of the sun at 2:09pm, when 32 percent of the solar disk is obscured, according to the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory.

    “It is forecast to be visible in the afternoon in Shanghai, which is favorable for observation,” said the observatory’s Tang Haiming. “But it depends on the weather. If it’s too cloudy or rainy, then it’ll not be seen.”

    He warned of the dangers of directly looking at the eclipse and advised using special eclipse glasses.

    The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau says today will be overcast with light rain before turning cloudy.

    Meanwhile, a cold front is on its way, bringing temperatures down to as low as 4 degrees Celsius in downtown areas, forecasters said.

    A blue chill alert was issued at 6:35pm yesterday by the Shanghai Meteorological Observatory, the lowest in a four-tier system, warning the temperature would plummet by over 8 degrees in 48 hours in most suburban districts in Shanghai.

    Their lowest temperature will drop below 4 within 48 hours, the observatory said.

    Gales are forecast for today.

    Air quality is expected to be good to slightly polluted today with PM2.5 the top pollutant.

    Tomorrow’s high will drop to 9 degrees under the influence of the cold front with a low of 5 degrees, and it should be cloudy, the bureau said.

    Rain will be back at the weekend but temperatures will rebound under the influence of warm and wet air.

    Saturday and Sunday should be overcast with drizzle, with temperature rangingbetween 9 and 14 degrees.

    Another strong cold front is expected to influence the city on December 30-31.