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    Children’s clothes, shoes fail quality tests
    From:Shanghai Daily  |  2019-12-26 08:29

    Almost a fifth of children’s clothing from malls, including Grand Gateway 66, CapitaLand Hongkou Plaza and L’Avenue, failed quality tests, Shanghai’s market watchdog has said.

    The Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation tested 100 batches of children’s clothing sold at 10 department stores and a supermarket in six districts, with 17 found substandard.

    Clothing branded Dolly sold at Grand Gateway 66 in Xuhui District failed for excessive formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic and can lead to respiratory diseases and skin allergies, the administration said yesterday.

    The clothing had 113 milligrams of formaldehyde per kilogram compared with the national limit of 75mg/kg.

    Fanapalskirts sold at theHuijin Department Store’s Xuhui outlet had the same problem.

    Three batches failed for a higher pH index than allowed. Such clothing could irritate the skin, the administration said.

    Rubi Yoyojackets sold at theBailian Youyicheng Shopping Mall in Yangpu District had a pH index of 9.1 compared with the permitted 4 to 7.5 range.

    Five batches failed for poor color fastness from water, with a batch of Hello Kitty pants sold at the Huijin’sXuhui outlet on the list, it said. They also failed for pH index tests.

    Dye in clothing with poor color fastness can bleed into the skin, which can lead to skin allergies, and children are particularly vulnerable, the administration said.

    Falalipants sold at L’Avenue in Changning District failed for rope or pull strap safety, according to the administration.

    Rope or pull strap safety is an important safety index and substandard items pose safety hazards for children such as injury or strangulation.

    Le Petit Chateaushirts sold at the CapitaLand Hongkou Plaza were labeled as 100 percent cotton, but tests found the cotton content was 64.7 percent.

    Six batches of children’s shoes also failed tests. These included Amore Materno shoes which failed for formaldehyde and heavy metal content, andBobdogshoes which failed for peeling strength and phthalate esters, a carcinogenic plasticizer, the administration said.

    The businesses involved have been ordered to cease selling the substandard products and check their stock.