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    Center offers smarter way to choose clothes
    From:Shine  |  2019-12-26 15:29

    Home appliances giant Haier launched the first nationwide cross-industry user experience center in Lingang Songjiang Science and Technology City in Songjiang District recently.

    The COSMOPlat National Industrial Internet Innovation and Experience Center allows users to experience advanced technologies including 5G, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

    At a smart clothing store experience zone, computers can form digital images of visitors and suggest items to fit. Visitors can browse clothing on a screen and order their favorites at the touch of a button.

    COSMOPlat also has benefits in industrial production.

    Supported by virtual reality, technicians at the center can assist operators working at Haier’s factories in Qingdao.

    So far COSMOPlat has helped 15 industries including those involved in agriculture, recreational vehicles and clothing.

    “The launch of COSMOPlat cross-industry user experience center in Songjiang will help COSMOPlat better serve industrial upgrade and transformation in the Yangtze River Delta cities along the G60 High-tech Corridor,” said Zhou Yunjie, CEO of Haier Group.

    A Songjiang Committee of Science spokesperson said: “Being China’s first industrial Internet demonstration zone, Songjiang has built a solid industrial Internet foundation and attracted a group of industrial Internet platforms in the district. This helps a new industrial cluster form in the area and can drive the upgrade and transformation of different companies in the district.”