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    Metro intervals reduced during rush hours
    From:Shine  |  2019-12-27 00:29

    The departure intervals onMetro Lines 2, 5 and 7 will be shortened during rush hours on workdays from next Monday, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group said.

    For trains operating between Songhong Road andGuanglan Road on Line 2, the interval will be shortened to two minutes and 40 seconds from 3 minutes during 7am to 9am and from three minutes and 30 seconds to three minutes during 5pm to 7pm.

    The interval of trains operating between Guanglan Road and Pudong International Airport will be reduced to four minutes from four minutes and 35 seconds during morning rush hours. For the other stations of Line 2, the interval during evening rush hours will be reduced to six minutes from seven.

    The interval of trains running between Xinzhuangand Xiaotangon Line 5 will be reduced to three minutes from three and a half minutes during the morning rush. The interval of trains running between Xiaotang andFengxian Xinchengwill be reduced to six minutes from seven.

    A total of 10 new trains will start operating on Line 7 from next Monday. The interval of trains from Qihua Road to South Yanggao Roadwill be shortened to two minutes from two minutes and 13 seconds from 7am to 9am. During evening rush hours, the interval of trains fromSouth Yanggao Road to Qihua Road will be two and a half minutes, cutting 14 seconds.