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    Slew of activities planned to welcome 2020
    From:Shanghai Daily  |  2019-12-27 08:29

    Bell ringing, climbing events and lantern festivals are some of the ways to celebrate the arrival of 2020, the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism said yesterday.

    Bells will be rung at Longhua Temple in Xuhui District at midnight on New Year’s Eve, a traditional way to celebrate the new year in China. Bronze bells will be struck 108 times in a ceremony many believe can absolve sins and bring good luck.

    Visitors can eat noodles and hang wishes on a tree at Longhua.

    The Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong will host a climbing event on January 1, as climbing high on New Year’s Day signifies a good start to the year.

    A run will be held at the Dishui Lake area to usher in the first sunshine of the New Year, and similar events will take place at Sheshan National Forest Park, Shanghai International Resort, Mingzhu Lake Park and Shanghai International Circuit.

    Donglin Temple will also be hosting bell-ringing and climbing events.

    Shanghai Tower will hold an electronic music party on December 31, while Jinjiang Amusement Park will stage a parade, light and float show.

    The China Maritime Museum will host Jiangnan sizhu (string and wind music) and gong and drum performances on the first day of the new year, together with intangible cultural heritage experiences involving Jinshan farmers’ painting, model ship making and wood block printing.

    In Jinshan District, a 24-hour celebration will be held from 12pm on December 31, featuring seafood hotpot banquets, lucky draws, firework shows, and dragon and lion dances.

    The Guangfulin Lantern Fair will feature around 40 lantern groups, and 3D mapping shows and projection shows are also part of the display.

    Shanghai Songze Archeological Site Museum will host a lantern making event on the first day of 2020, while Oriental Green Land is organizing a number of cosmos experience activities such as a fulldome digital movie and VR and AR experiences on January 1.

    Fengjing ancient town will stage traditional watertown wedding rituals and hanfu (traditional Han clothing) displays on the first day of 2020.