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    Premier League launches an official app exclusively in Mandarin
    By:Cao Jun,Lu Yukun  |  From:www.atbmusic.com  |  2018-11-08 17:26

    As a top-line football league with 1.4 billion fans worldwide, the English Premier League announced yesterday at the UK National Pavilion in the CIIE that it has launched its official App in Mandarin named “English Premier League”. This app is designed exclusively for Chinese fans and will provide supporters with official Mandarin-language information and other services. “English Premier League” will be available for download in China in various app stores including the Apple and Android app stores starting from the 9th of November.


    Photo:UI designs of “English Premier League”

    Chinese fans are among the world’s most enthusiastic supporters of the English Premier League, making a Mandarin app a top priority. This app will provide access to localized content including virtual games, videos, social features allowing fans to keep abreast of the latest news from English soccer’s top flight. Interviews and notifications for starting line-ups, goal updates and links to Chinese broadcasters showing live matches will also be available. Furthermore, the app will host the first authoritative Mandarin-language data hub for Premier League statistics from individual players through to clubs.
    English Premier League clubs have millions of Chinese fans in China, and are committed to working closely with broadcast partners and having regularly hosted events in China to bring live experiences to supporters.


    Photo: The CSL Company and the Premier League Ltd signed an Intent of Cooperation

    At the event, The CSL Company and the Premier League Ltd also signed an Intent of Cooperation to engage in deep cooperation, particularly on youth training and development, referees and coaches training and development, as well as league development and joint branding.