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    Flavor of Queensland delights Expo audience
    By:Wu Qiong  |  From:www.atbmusic.com  |  2019-11-09 15:25

    (Crowds of people visit Australia’s booth at CIIE.)

    “I was appointed as the Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for the State of Queensland only earlier this year and this will be my first CIIE,” said Julie-Anne Nichols, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for China, Trade and Investment Queensland. Julie is delighted to be in Shanghai this month for the second China International Import Expo.

    Currently, China is Queensland's largest trading partner and a major buyer of products and services from Queensland. According to Julie, this year, 14 companies from Queensland are exhibiting their wares at the fair. Participating organizations are hoping that this year’s event will provide a platform to develop commercial relationships and sales deals in China, as well as enhance the profile of Queensland and its brands and products in this important market.

    “While this is the same number as last year, we have seen a change in the breadth of industry sectors represented,” said Ms. Nichols. Queensland has a more diversified industry representation at CIIE in 2019, covering food and beverages, agriculture, lifestyle, equipment, medical and healthcare, and science and technology industries.

    Four of the Queensland companies also attended last year’s CIIE, said Ms. Nichols. One of them is Austrex, a leading international livestock exporterwhich has a history of 46 years. Since 2002, Austrex has been contributing to China’s animal husbandry by sharing its technology and experience of dairy and cattle farming in developed countries to Chinese customers. During last year’s CIIE, Austrex signed three MoUs and immediately decided to register for the second Expo.

    (Ms. Nichols visits Austrex booth at CIIE.)

    Selling 100% pure Australian honey, Capilano is also one of CIIE’s old friends. On November 6, it signed an agreement with Metcash to work together towards entering the Chinese market.

    (Ms. Nichols visits the Capilano booth.)

    Ms. Nichols also recommended two of Queensland’s companies coming to Shanghai to participate in CIIE for the first time: Jasmin Organics and Natures Naturals. The latter is familiar with the Chinese market. Before the second CIIE, Natures Naturals attended the World Health Expo 2019 in Wuhan, offering Australia’s natural health products and healthcare knowledge as well as services to China.

    Given the additional scale of CIIE this year, Julie anticipates that Queensland companies will look to leverage CIIE again in 2020 to build brand awareness, expand networks in China and develop commercial opportunities and sales growth in China. “I’m sure that you can expect another ‘taste of Queensland’ in Shanghai at CIIE in 2020. Next year presents an opportunity for Queensland participants to represent and showcase a broader spectrum of what the State of Queensland has to offer China. From the rainforest, outback, islands and beach lifestyle and tourism experiences, to our world class education and training credentials, our technology and R&D commercialization and partnerships offerings, as well as our premium products and services exports.”

    This year Shanghai and Queensland are celebrating their 30th anniversary as sister cities. Since May 24, 1989, the two places have conducted fruitful exchanges especially in the fields of education and technology.