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    Bangladesh BNP rejects election results    Ill. governor appoints Obama successor    Quartet calls for immediate cease-fire in Gaza    Chinese president promotes military values    Bold steps ordered to spur city's innovation    ARATS chief concludes historic Taiwan visit, returns to Beijing    Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou meets ARATS chief    KMT honorary chairman: Cross-Straits agreements earn applause    ARATS chief's visit to Taiwan    China honors outstanding anti-quake organzations, individuals   
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    Shanghai Party Secretary Yu Zhengsheng (left) joins a group discussion on Monday during a three-day session of the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of China. He urged local government officials yesterday to break boundaries and take bolder steps to help the city maintain steady economic growth amid the global financial turmoil.- Shanghai Daily
    Chinese president promotes military values
    President Hu, who is also the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, wants Chinese soldiers to adopt core military values. The traditions include loyalty to country and its people, devotion to their career and upholding military glory. Quartet calls for immediate cease-fire in Gaza
    The diplomatic group in search of peace in the Middle East, or Quartet yesterday held a meeting on the situation in Gaza and southern Israel, and called for an immediate cease-fire. Ill. governor appoints Obama successor

    Bangladesh BNP rejects election results

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  • Chinese shares conclude worst annual performance, down 0.66 pct
  • South Korea, Japan reopen markets to Chilean pork
  • S. Korea to spend US$5.4 billion on defense goods in first half of 2009
  • Bumper year for city infrastructure
  • Gas incidents kill 12 in a month
  • Aquatic sports center begins construction
  • Nation
  • President Hu offers six proposals for peaceful development of cross-Straits relationship
  • China to set up "preemptive" food safety network: official
  • Four dead, six injured in SW China traffic accident
  • S.Korea vows efforts for substantial progress in nuclear issue
  • Japanese PM to visit S. Korea in mid-January
  • 11 militants killed near Afghan capital
  • Sports
  • Vietnamese national football team to begin training for Asian Cup
  • Vietnam's aquatic sports association sends coaches to Laos
  • Actors Bacon, Sedgwick among Madoff victims
  • Woody Harrelson marries 20-year-long girlfriend
  • Gong Li excluded from China film body after changing citizenship
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    ARATS chief's Taiwan visit

    Quake jolts southwest China

    Shanghai World Expo 2010

    Weekly Review
  • Beijing to adjust working hours for Olympics
  • Iran ready to negotiate with US
  • Israel, Hezbollah swap prisoners on border
  • Bush lifts ban on offshore oil drilling
  • Three fire fighters die as factory rafter falls
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