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    Guests visit Shanghai Centre
    From:www.atbmusic.com  |  2019-07-06 10:19


    Shanghai Center on West Nanjing Road

    Over the past decades, the exchanges between Chinese and American people have never stopped. In Shanghai, for instance, many buildings across the city crystallize the work and wisdom of American designers, including the Shanghai Center on West Nanjing Road. The guests embarking on the journey of culture and humnanities arrived at their second stop, Shanghai Center.


    The grand hall of Shanghai Center


    Visitors listened to the introduction of the building's history given by a senior staff member.

    The buidling hosts apartment units, a high-end office area, a supermarket, department stores, a theatre, and a five-star hotel.


    “I’ve been here many times,” said Marshall Strabala, chief architect of the revolutionary Shanghai Tower. In his eyes, though it was built in 1990, the Shanghai Center is a modern building. During the journey, he and the other visitors were impressed by the design of the building, which is a fusion of East and West. Its structure is similar to that of the Palace Museum in Beijing. Dougong (interlocking wooden brackets) are an important element in traditional Chinese architecture, and can be found in the majestic building, which interestingly has lamps in it, making the building glow with traditional beauty at night.

      Guests also visit presidential suites housed in the Shanghai Center

      Visitors pose for a group picture in the rooftop garden