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    Guests visit Fudan University
    By:Lu Yukun  |  From:www.atbmusic.com  |  2019-07-06 14:20

    Participants of the journey of culture and humanities arrived at their fourth stop, Fudan University, where they paid visit to the School History Museum and the Center for American Studies (CAS).

    Xin Qiang, Deputy Director of CAS at Fudan, introduces the functions of the CAS.

    While understanding the role of the CAS in studying China-US relations, Marshall Strabala, one of the visitors, asked what we can do to contribute to the good relationship between the two countries. Xin Qiang, Deputy Director of the CAS, answered that the most effective way to promote the bilateral relations is through cultural and people-to-people exchanges, and the visitors' participation in such events as this city journey is just one of the best of ways to do so.

    Visitors pose for a group picture in front of the gate of the School History Museum

    Guests visit the School History Museum at Fudan

    Many historical exhibits are housed in the CAS.

    Artist Phillip Jarrel poses for a photo with Xin Qiang.

    The Xie Xide Auditorium

    Visitors pose for a group picture in the CAS.

    For Phillip Jarrell, a musician, designer, photographer and artist living in Shanghai for over ten years, today’s journey was informative. He had been to Fudan University before, but it was the first time for him to learn the history of the university, especially the story of Madame Xie Xide, the first female university president after the founding of New China, as well as many important meetings hosted by China to talk about the development of China-US relations. The visit to the Center for American Studies of Fudan University also brought to mind current China-US relations. For him, dialogue is significant, for the sake of better understanding. 

    On April 30, 1984, Reagan arrived in Shanghai during a six-day trip to China and spoke to students at Fudan University the next day. He was cordially welcomed by the students and the English language and literature professor Lu Gusun, widely regarded as one of China’s intellectual heavyweights. Reagan answered many questions asked by the students on that day.