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    Shanghai's sister city: San Francisco
    By:SPAFFC  |  From:SPAFFC  |  2019-07-04 18:08




      Shanghai has established the sister-city relationship with San Francisco, Chicago and Houston successively. These three cities are located in the west, Midwest and south of the United States respectively, each having its own distinctive features. Although Shanghai and its three U.S. sister-cities are thousands of miles apart, and whether they became sister-cities early or late, their exchange and cooperation, transcending the limits of time and space, have deepened progressively and demonstrated increasing endurance.Thanks tomayor of San Franciscoof that time Mme. Dianne Feinstein's contribution, the Friendship-city Relationship between Shanghai and San Franciscowas established in 1980. Today let's get to know this great woman through some valuable photos.


    Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai and Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco


      说起钢索,还有一段佳话值得一提。1989年旧金山发生了7.1级地震,导致原有的旧金山-奥克兰海湾大桥一部分倒塌。经评估,该桥东段需要更换。经过竞标,上海振华港机总承包了该桥钢结构项目。来自上海的奥盛集团和American Bridge以及FLUOR联合体负责大桥的缆索系统并于2012年5月完成施工。2013年9月海湾大桥正式通车,向全世界证明中国的制造技术已经达到世界一流水平。40年前旧金山市长范因斯坦赠送我们一段钢索,多年后我们又以钢索重续前缘。

      Mme. Dianne Feinstein, U.S. senator and former mayor of San Francisco, has played a very important role in the establishment of sister city relationship between San Francisco and Shanghai. She has forged a profound friendship with the successive leaders of Shanghai. She was San Francisco mayor between 1978 and 1988. She made her first visit to Shanghai in June, 1979, and in this visit, she presented a key and a section of cable wire of the San Francisco bridge to Shanghai. The key symbolizes that Shanghai can open the door of San Francisco, while the cable wire implies that the friendship between the people of San Francisco and Shanghai is as solid as steel.

      Talking about the cable wire, there is a much-told tale that is worth mentioning. An earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale hit San Francisco in 1989 and caused part of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to collapse. It was determined after damage appraisal that the eastern section of the bridge needed to be replaced. Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Corporation won the bidding and contracted the steel structure part of the bridge's rebuilding. Ossen Group from Shanghai, American Bridge and FLUOR were responsible for the cable project and they finished construction in May, 2012. The new bridge opened to traffic in September, 2013. It shows to the world that China's manufacturing technology has reached the first-class level in the world. San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein presented to us a section of bridge cable 40 years ago and years later we are brought together again by steel cable.


      The new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is open to traffic. This symbolizes the completion of the bridge's steel structure project contracted by Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Company.It is the first mono-tower self-anchored suspension bridge in the world, with a designed service life longer than 120 years and an anti-quake capability for earthquakes intensity over 8.0. Its main cable strands and suspension cables are designed and manufactured by Ossen Group in Shanghai, China.(2013)


      In January, 1980, San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein and Shanghai Vice-Mayor Zhao Xingzhi signed the "Friendship-city Relationship Agreement" in San Francisco. This lifted the curtain on friendly cooperation and exchange between the two cities. Under her personal care and efforts, San Francisco and Shanghai have carried out all-round pragmatic cooperation in business, science & technology, medical & health, culture, education, urban construction and talent training. The people of the two cities have also deepened their mutual understanding and friendship.



    Shanghai Vice-Mayor Zhao Xingzhi and San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein sign the "Agreement on the Establishment of Friendship-city Relationship between Shanghai and San Francisco". (1980)


    Dianne Feinstein, U.S. senator and former mayor of San Francisco, has visited Shanghai many times. She has formed a profound friendship with the successive leaders of Shanghai and made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of friendly exchange between Shanghai and San Francisco.